Frank Zappa – John Lennon Signed Book



I recently spent the morning working at Charlton Heston’s house and the afternoon working at Frank Zappa’s. It was quite the contrast to say the least! Heston had a luxurious mid-century modern home with large open rooms and amazing views of the canyon. His sense of décor was classic and refined (lots of marble and wood). Zappa’s Tudor style house on the other hand featured an endless array of small exotically painted rooms, hallways, and lofts overflowing with artwork and antiques. The style was eclectic and zany …borderline mystical. I was brought into the Zappa estate specifically to hunt for any books that might be a good fit for auction. I found a lot of cool stuff as you can imagine. One of the most important books I discovered was this tattered anthology of poetry by John Lennon published in 1965. This particular copy was signed on the frontis page “To Frank, with love from John, June 71.” The date is of particular interest because it marks the first meeting between Lennon and Zappa, which took place in New York City and culminated in the two performing together on stage later that same week at the Fillmore East. Yoko Ono was there too of course and she presented Zappa with a signed copy of her book Grapefruit.

These books later sold at Julien’s Auctions for $4,480


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